Four levels high, The Drost houses a lower level duplex, two flats, and one penthouse suite. Subtle details vary space to space, creating a series of distinct, yet complimentary dwellings. A central stairwell connects the four units.

Each unit embraces open plan design, providing the freedom and flexibility to realistically address every day needs. Hardwood floors offset clean, custom interior walls. Floor-to-ceiling windows makes the most of natural light. Built in technology imparts an added level of cool and convenience.

Unit 1 Duplex - 2 Bedroom/1 Bath/Outdoor Storage/Patio
Unit 2 1 Level - 2 Bedroom /2 Bath/Backyard
Unit 3 1 Level - 2 Bedroom/2 Bath/Balcony
Unit 4 Penthouse - 2 Bedroom/2 Bath/Rooftop Deck

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